Unconditional Acceptance

Most people believe that there are some things about themselves and the world that are acceptable and some that are not. It seems self-evident that we don’t want war, hatred, natural disasters, pain, suffering, death and so forth. But the fact is that all these things are part of our world. Yet we want to deny that they exist. We want to push them away. We don’t want to admit that they are inevitable. To do so would feel like giving in to despair.

Truth is, none of these facts has any inherent power to disturb our minds and make us suffer. Yes, there is pain in life; it is inevitable. But pain is different from suffering. Suffering is something extra that the mind adds to experience. Suffering is, for instance, being in pain and resisting it – letting it make our experience miserable. If we would give in and accept it, even the inevitable pain would be greatly reduced.

When people are asked to give up their resistances, they resist. They think, “who would I be if I accepted war, social intolerance, corporations that pollute the environment, racism, or whatever other pet peeve they hold. Isn’t that really the crux? We are maintaining a limited identity by resisting inevitable aspects of existence.

If we would give up all resistance and accept reality as it is, we would begin to see things differently. We would start to see the inherent perfection of reality which is , after all, a mixture of what we dualistically label as Good and Evil. Its not that the external world would be all that different. But yet, in a sense, it would be different because the lens through which we are viewing it would be transformed.

Its not really difficult. We all have the power to decide to accept what is. And in that decision lies the whole secret of happiness.

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