“Dear sweet Sandi,

No other person has made me look at myself as a human being and see that I can love myself and think myself beautiful for who I am like you have. Of course, I am still working on this. But I am so fortunate that I’ve met you. It has opened up my eyes and heart and taught me so much. I feel more comforted in my life since I have met you – and not by anyone else – by ME!

There is no need for apology. As much as I may have seemed to be embarrassed, I like the affirmation. Its just that old-fashioned thinking of not allowing yourself to think you’re beautiful because that would mean you are vain, so don’t draw attention to yourself. It is also my shyness that makes me seem embarrassed, when I’m really not. I really didn’t think twice about that at all.

Do you remember that I mentioned your eyes last night? Your eyes just have this light or some kind of energy that just draws me. They fill me with warmth and energy. Being a shy person, I am not able to look people in the eyes that well. But I always want to look into yours. You are beautiful anyway, but it’s those eyes that make you magical! I know I’ve probably told you that before, but I wanted to say it again.

I love you dearly.”

“I went through a lot of crap during my divorce. I lost a lot of the confidence that I had once had. After my wife dumped the news on me, I felt unattractive and unwanted. After I saw you in October, that changed. You really helped me get back to the person I wanted to be again. Thank you! I am really happy with who I am now.”
—Neal, Canton, GA

“Things have been 100% better, but we still have a short bumpy path ahead of us. Hopefully by the end of this summer our issues should be behind us. My visit with you helped me be more patient with my marriage at a time when I was willing to give up. Thank you so much! ”
—Brent, Duluth, GA

“Hello Sandi,
Congratulations on the new home.
You know what is still “new” from our session?…

I feel a new sexual “appetite” or “desire” that is different than how I felt before. Maybe I’m more aware of my own sensuality?… Do you know, my nipples are still aroused most of the time? I thought it was only a little chilly outside or something, but that is not it!

I am trying to change for my partner, to fill her tank… I’ve realized that there is more ground to cover … more patience on my behalf to allow her to have full confidence in me again in many areas. With each attempt to change, I know it will take much time for her to see the steady change as a more permanent reality, not just a temporary fluke in my behavior! We are drawing closer, in little subtle ways … there is more of her initiating and drawing me close to her, where that has been a near impossible wall to break down. Our time alone, has been a little more intimate and UN-rushed.

You are a beautiful woman both inwardly and outwardly, and I cannot say it enough or in the right expression … but… Thank you, thank you & thank you!!! I am planning to visit with you again … to learn more about the female body … and myself. ”
– Lynn, Atlanta

“I just HAD to write this review about Sandi to thank her for possibly the best time I have ever had. She is truly, truly someone Special! She fulfilled so many of my fantasies in our brief time together without a second thought. Sandi is an older, sexier woman – She describes herself as having an hourglass figure with an extra half hour in all the right places and I couldn’t have said it better myself (if I could only be the sand in that hourglass!). She arrived early and stayed late… Sandi is soft and sensual…very intimate. Sandi takes the experience to a higher level – if any of you are familiar with Tantra, you will know what I am talking about and you will want to see Sandi.”
—Dave, Peachtree City

“Yes, you are the best thing I did on vacation! Just wish I could tell, but can’t do that. I just couldn’t stand it any longer, we had a better time, more lust then all of the last 30 years together with my wife! Using everything that you taught me and the heightened arousal I was feeling I was to reunite with my wife sexually. So, I will save my allowance and collect aluminum cans, whatever I have to do! Maybe even sell my blood! I just can’t wait a year for some loving again.”
—Jerry, Cincinnati

“Thank you for a most enjoyable and eye opening experience!”

“When it was 1st recommended that I see a surrogate I thought “NO WAY!” My Dr. suggested that I just meet with Sandi for a brief visit. Thank God I did, she changed my life, as dramatic as it sounds – it may have saved it! She is one of the easiest people to be around and to be with that I have ever met. Her warmth and radiance are astounding – she is simply gorgeous in person with a warm smile that will just melt you and with and the biggest blue eyes that looks right into your soul. She has the most amazing touch … I swear you can feel the love pour from her hands and heart.”
—Michael S., Vinings

“Having never actually been to a tantra provider (only lurking from the side), I was a little nervous and needed to find the ‘right one’. Holy cow – this was incredible! Sandi was all that I was looking for and more – she took the time to chat, get to know my likes and dislikes and then gave an incredible session. She knows how to take you to the edge (over and over and over again!). If you are looking for a tight body, fake boobs and a shallow personality – look elsewhere. btw, the pictures on the web site do not do her justice – you will understand once you meet her. Sandi is a keeper and I can guarantee you will get your money’s worth (I will be back!!!)”
—George, Marietta

“It had been a LONG time since I had been with a woman (about 3 years), and I knew that I had to do something to ‘get back on the horse’ as it were. The primary reason it had been so long, is that I did not have the confidence (due to the fact that I felt my penis was too small) to go out and seek the relationships that I wanted. In my quest to find out what to do about this problem, I ran into Sandi’s web site. The eureka light went on.

Sandi is wonderful. She helped me work through my problems and transformed me in a way that I wasn’t expecting, but was, in a way, hoping for. We had a lot of fun along the way ;-). Sandi is a healer in a way that I can’t quite explain. She is also a teacher. She taught me a lot about my sexuality and the energies that are exchanged between lovers. I am now dating again for the first time in a while, and feel greater confidence and capacity to enjoy and bring pleasure to future partners.”
—K.D., Atlanta

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you today. I truly feel 100 percent better. You are a wonderful and loving person and one of God’s special ones. Thank you so much and I hope to see you again. Keep me informed of your plans as you move to a new location.”
—Charles T., Santa Monica

“It has been 2 weeks and I am still tingling, thank you, thank you, and thank you! I never knew it could be like this.”
—Stephen, Chattanooga

“My beautiful wife and I have discussed this first time meeting many times. We both agreed that the moment you walked in…something special was about to happen. We could both sense a feeling of euphoria, trust and excitement. The nervousness that we each anticipated never materialized. Our comfort level was completely overwhelming. We never dreamt this could happen…especially since it was our very first time. Not only did we have a fabulous physical encounter…we both left feeling as though we each reached a spiritual high. We wish our paths had crossed earlier in life. Our hope is that we have made a friend and partner for many years to come. Our marriage…as good as it has always been…is even better today. That is the greatest compliment we can give you.”
—Mike and Mrs. Mike, Brookhaven