Opening to Love

What is it that prevents us from loving each other truly? We all yearn to love and be loved. But most people don’t experience the love that they greatly desire. They fear that if they open their hearts to love, they will be hurt. They are holding a set of false beliefs that cause them to guard their hearts and shut down. Some of these beliefs are:

(1) There is a limited amount of love available.
(2) Even if love were unlimited, they do not deserve it.
(3) If love is openly expressed, the other will shut down and reject it
(4) Love is not available

On the contrary:
(1) Love is Infinite. In true love, there are no limits. It is an inexhaustible well

(2) Everyone without exception is an object of Unconditional Love. This is a big one that needs a lot of follow-up because it is so widespread and so deeply ingrained by societal conditioning. We are told in so many ways that there is something wrong with us at the core of our being. In reality, there is nothing wrong with you. The universe or God loves you right now just as you are.

(3) This one might turn out to be true. But when the Heart opens we begin to see that the shut down is not because we did something wrong or were not enough. People shut down because they don’t know who they are. They shut down because they are afraid of being hurt. They shut down because they are not able to return our love. It is not our fault. Its nobody’s fault. We need compassion for those who reject our love. They are hurting. If we truly think this way, we won’t be afraid to love.

(4) Love is absolutely available. The Heart is made of love. And no one is separate from the Heart of the Universe. The proof is that you are here living and breathing. If you were separated from Love for an instant, you would cease to be. It is impossible to be separated from Love. We just have to see the Truth of our own reality.

Always love,


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