Q: Are you really a sexual surrogate?
A: I certainly am! I am certified and trained by IPSA: in the many arts of sex, sexually healing and intimacy. I completed a battery of psychological and emotional evaluations, as well, to achieve my certification.

Q: Do you provide incall or outcall services?
A: I do provide both incall and outcall services. However,
outcalls are rare and require an appropriate setting.

Q: When are you available?
A: I can see you during the day, evening or weekend, between the hours of 10 AM and 10pm. No late-night calls, please. Do call early. Same-day opportunities are not common, yet always worth your inquiry.

Q: Must I have a doctor’s referral? Is it possible to refer myself?
A: Yes, you may refer yourself. When you arrive for your first session, you may be asked to sign a statement that states that you are self-referring.

Q: What are your age requirements?
A: You must be over 21 for a private session and 18 for classes.

Q: It sounds Clinical …?
A: Not at all – it is about sensuous pleasures of the flesh and passion! We will share lots of kissing, hugging and touching – all to enliven all of your senses, to bring heaven to your earthly body, as well as to channel orgasmic energy and ecstasy to every inch of your physical form. Believe me, there is nothing clinical about ecstasy!

Q: Do you work with women? Are you bi-sexual?
A: I work with men, women and couples. I do not participate in labels. I am what I call “Fully Sexual”. Also, it may be appropriate for some clients with issues of inexperience or negative body image, or with histories of trauma, to work with a same-sex surrogate who participates as a role model rather than as a sexually intimate partner.

Q: What is a Sacred Sexual Healer or Surrogate-Partner?
and, what can I expect during our session?
A: A: sacred sexual healer or surrogate-partner is a member of a two or three-way therapeutic team consisting of client, surrogate-partner and or a therapist. The surrogate participates as a partner to the client in experiences designed to build the client’s skills in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy.

This partnership includes exercises in communication, relaxation, sensual and sexual touching, and social skills training. Surrogate-assisted sex-therapy and sexual enrichment programs are perfect models for individuals urgently seeking enlightened sexuality. Each session is unique and as individual as you are.

Q: Why do you call it sacred? Sex isn’t spiritual!?
A: You’re right, sex isn’t spiritual – not in its current form. Sex is meant to be spiritual – we were just told that it wasn’t so that we would seek out intermediaries to find our spirituality! Orgasmic ecstasy is the highest from of worship. It is what it feels like to be one with god and goddess. You will this as we work together.

Q: Why would I come to you?
A: The concerns that motivate clients to seek a sacred sexual healer or therapy with a surrogate-partner  often range from general social anxieties to specific sexual dysfunctions, as well as wanting to improve what is already good with sexual enrichment programs.

Some common sexual concerns for male clients involve ejaculation or erectile difficulties. Female clients’ sexual issues might involve difficulties with orgasmic release or with feelings of being taken advantage of. Both genders may seek therapy because of dissatisfaction, wondering, and the feeling of “is this all there is?” Some other problems that may be addressed are lack of experience, shame or anxiety regarding sex, low level of arousal, or lack of sexual desire. I am also able to help in healing fear of intimacy, dysfunction, hang-ups, and self-acceptance.

Concerns might result from one of the following: medical conditions, negative body-image or physical disfigurement, physical disabilities, issues of sexual, physical or emotional abuse or trauma, as well as a lack of sexual or social self-confidence. It may even be simply the need to create more excitement in their love-life and desiring a heightened level of love and intimacy.

Q: Is this “full service”?
A: My sessions aren’t like going to a service station. I can’t make promises as to what will or will not transpire during our session. Each and every session is different depending on your particular concerns, needs, level of awareness or issues. We align our energies, and I tune into your body, soul and heart so that I can find what your individual needs are. The are often different from our expectations.

My sessions are about blending together the spiritual, the physical, and sharing love and energy without goals or agendas. I do what feels right and appropriate during each individual session. What I can promise you is this: all of my sessions are loving, intimate, intense and life transforming!

Q: What if I begin to have feelings for you?
A: That is one of the indicators that we are reaching our goal. When you are able to project back to me the level of love and intimacy that I am giving and sharing with you , then you are ready to share that with someone special in your life.

Q: How many sessions should I have?
A: There is no set number. It depends on why you are seeking a session. If your physician is referring you, it is generally recommended that you have 3-6 sessions. If you are self-referring, or just seeking sexual enrichment, you may achieve your goal in just 1 or 2 sessions.

Either way, you will learn the techniques that benefit you and incorporate them into your daily life after your very first session. We will naturally become more open and relaxed with one another over the course of a number of sessions. You will benefit more with each session – emotionally, mentally, as well as physically!

Q: How do I make an appointment?
A: By email or telephone (please see my Contact page). Please specify what time and date you desire your appointment.

Q: How much does a healing session cost?
A: For a comprehensive introduction, I would recommend a two hour session, especially if you have a sexual dysfunction or issues to address. It is important that you relax deeply and escape from the world. Not feeling rushed is part of this wondrous experience. Please refer to my Services summary page for additional information on preparing for your session.

Q: What is expected of me?
A: Before finalizing an appointment, I will need your first and last name, a telephone number and a convenient time to reach you. Please tell me a bit about yourself – whatever you are comfortable with. Before your scheduled appointment, please review the instructions on the Where page. Understand that my love is unconditional, not based on your looks, size or abilities. You can always be assured of complete discretion.



Yes, same-day appointments are often possible. Worth asking.
Call   six seven eight  – eight eight six  – seven eight eight seven

If you wish to inquire now, please click the e-Mail link in my banner,
or call the telephone number listed between 10am-10pm 7 days a week.

If you are ready to schedule your first Experience with me,
I will need some critical information before we meet.

I was using a basic Form, but it was not enough.
I need a better sense of you before we meet.

If time is urgent, you may try to leave the following
information on voicemail.  If we must wait until
your session to discuss these basics, it will cost you
some precious time. I really prefer that you answer
by e-Mail, so I may better prepare for your visit.

your Name
your Gender and Age
your direct e-Mail
your Phone number(s) plus any contact instructions
Day(s), Date(s) and Time(s) you wish to meet
How long a session do you anticipate?  (minimum: 1 hour)


How did you find me?
choose letter, word or phrase from list

What is you problem or issue?
choose word(s) or phrase(s) from list
PLUS a brief description of any details

Please describe any current physical injuries,
disabilities, or chronic conditions. If you are
taking medications which may effect your
performance, indicate any such limitations.

If you have any questions, now is the time to ask.
At the same time, please do write a (brief) “essay” outlining your issue(s) and expectations. Are you ready for a life-changing Experience? What do you hope will happen?  Put your feelings into words.





Dr. Sandi’s sacred space is located inside the Atlanta perimeter in Doraville, Georgia.
You will be e-Mailed specific driving directions
upon confirmation of your Appointment (and/or)
told via telephone prior to your departure time.

Remain as fresh as you can. Freshly shaven and trimmed,
bathed, and filed nails, clean breath, no cologne or
aftershave, if possible – all to enhance YOUR pleasure.
(my shower is available as required)

Please make an effort to eat healthy today, and drink more water
than caffeine or sugar. Avoid heavy, greasy, spicy or strong foods.
No curries, garlic, onions, asparagus, cauliflower… like that?

Atlanta traffic? Please budget your valuable time so you are
not stressed to arrive in time. Avoid loud rock or rap music.
IF you don’t have any Tantra Music, try Classical, Smooth Jazz,
or Easy Listening radio….or SILENCE! If you can sing? Sing.

Ideally, you should arrive with 5-10 minutes to spare. Don’t rush.
Sit there and just BREATHE. Cease “thinking” about everything
except Right Here – Right Now.  R E L A X all over.  Ready?

I pray you don’t need an alcoholic beverage beforehand.
Please don’t take Viagra before discussing it with me.
My private space is (big surprise!) a non-smoking

98 times out of 100, you will agree that an Incall is preferable.
Most Outcalls are to work with Couples in their home environment.
You will be most comfortable in my elegant home.

Except, of course,
when I travel the greater South.

I am not a Roadie on a regular Tour, but am always
tempted by travel. Call me to see if I might be in your vicinity.