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masghands02My Tender Loving Touch is food for the soul. Every session is specifically designed to educate as well as initiate you back into the awareness of the sacredness of your sexuality. I offer a wide range of transformational healing rituals. Through the breathing you will learn how to move energy through the Chakras, which will allow you to let go of the limitations that are keeping you from experiencing divine pleasure. These sessions are quite powerful and can be life changing. In essence, this is a method of making love in which your body, spirit, energies, and mind are fully involved and in harmony within yourself and then blend together melting away the world.

Tantric sharing of love can last for hours and even days, for you leave behind the concept of time. The orgasmic release is as close as you can come to seeing the face of God/Goddess and survive the trip.

  • Learn to Breathe
  • Learn to See
  • Learn to Think
  • Learn to Touch
  • Learn to Give
  • Learn to Receive
  • Learn to Agree
  • Unleash Creativity
  • Find Balance
  • Feel Love
  • Die Happy

It is my highest intention to go with you on a blissful healing adventure that will free your mind, nurture your spirit, and harness pleasurable and prolonged sexual energy. I will gently and enticingly guide you to a completely fulfilling Tantric experience while inspiring you to higher levels of awareness, increased sensitivity, sexual empowerment and creativity.

Through my hands and body, learn the tantalizing, sacred touch that will assist you in gaining mastery over your sexual energy. You can heal premature ejaculation, impotency, performance anxiety, shyness, slow libido, intimacy, abuse issues, and so much more. Consciously prolong physical pleasure for as long as you choose, resulting in physical rejuvenation, emotional and sexual healing, and, of course, full- body orgasms for both women and men alike.

All in all you will find that your session with me will be magical, mystical, intimate, intensely pleasurable and an excellent investment in you and your relationship. Yes, you have the ability to become multi-orgasmic and in so doing increase and deepen your capacity to give and receive intimate sensual pleasure with your partner.

In our sessions you can:

  • prolong and deepen Orgasm
  • heighten sensitivity and alertness,
  • release Creative Energy

In our brief time together – a treasured and timeless moment –  we each become enriched in knowing the other.

I love pleasure – giving and receiving. Our abilities to be fully PRESENT in the moment, free of expectations, wholly determine the benefits and enjoyment of my sessions. We are open and holding a sacred space together. This is when magical, mystical and pleasurable healing can take place.

I have been told that my sessions are the most valuable investment of one’s precious time and money.

Teacher. Facilitator. Priestess. Goddess. Guide.
Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. Centered.


For THE WOMAN in search of their sexuality or wishing to discover sexual mastery.

masglegwrap2Heal many issues, cultural ideas, and past traumas known and unknown. Challenging beliefs – where they came from, and to whom they belong –  will free you to accept your power and sexuality as a woman.

The Experience begins with a ritual of reconnection to your body, a personal journey of delight, discovery and understanding. Many women and their partners believe that they are non-orgasmic or “something” is wrong with them because it takes them so long to reach climax.

It requires self knowledge and confidence, both of which you will acquire as we progress in uncovering and realizing your personal triggers of arousal and sexual rhythms. Through this experience you will come to see all women are capable of being orgasmic—even you!

Some of the methods used will be breathing and techniques of touch as well as pelvic and kagel exercises, guided meditation and imagery, journaling, and counseling. Today is when you want to be the woman you never thought you could be!

Although we approach your Healing on the physical plane, only a serious commitment to work with me will completely transform your Spirit and your life.


For COUPLES wishing to ignite and/or recapture Magical Love

Once our Energies begin to flow, the Magic of Eros blurs everyday reality and reveals your Memory of Eternal Bliss

Once our Energies begin to flow,
the Magic of Eros blurs everyday reality
and reveals your Memory of Eternal Bliss

Q: Love between partners is meant to be magical and profound! Isn’t it?
A: Ahhh, yes it is, but for many it isn’t any longer and for most it never has been.

Q: So why all the hoopla that it is suppose to be magical and profound. if in fact it isn’t?
A: Because the ones that have experienced Love in all of it’s magic can’t contain themselves and wish to extol it to the world for all to experience.

Q: So how does one learn this Magic?
A: It is more of a discovery than a lesson, I can guide you in the ways of magical love but you must be fully engaged in the remembering
to fully experience it.

Q: What do you mean by “remembering”?
A: What you will discovery during your experience with me is that this is the way we were meant to make love, that is what every couple I have ever retrained has said, without a single exception.

Q: Of course if we always had lots of time to make love it would always be wonderful, but in truth we don’t, we hardly have time to get in a quickie during the week
A: The method of loving you learn will allow you to make every moment count for the rest of your day and the rest of your life!


The True Power of a Man
yabyum99aFor all their problems, Women have it easy compared to Men.

All a female has to do is become a Woman. But a Man’s identity keeps shifting! His role in life depends upon his mission in life, shaped by his work and social forces far beyond his control—physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

In fact, there is only ONE THING you can really control, no matter how powerful the world perceives you.

Although we approach your Healing on the physical plane, only a serious commitment to work with me will completely transform you and your life.


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