Rates and Fees for Sexual Healing and Training for Men, Women, Couples

Private session with Sandi:

Every private session experience is special and unique. The session will be interactive as well as intense, intimate, sensuous, erotic, and very safe & nurturing. Because of this it isn't possible for me to "tell" you what our time together would be like, for it must be experienced!

  75 minutes  -  $300.00
  90 minutes  -  $425.00
  2 hours  -  $500.00
  3 hours  -  $800
  Every additional half-hour  -  $150.00
  Every additional hour  -  $250.00
Basic Sexual Healing and Enrichment  -  75 minutes
Extended Healing and Enrichment Sessions  -  90 minutes or 2 hours
(includes basic Tantric Instruction)

The Healing experience is an opportunity to share with me as your surrogate partner a new level of intimacy and love. It allows us to blend in spirit as well as body, melting together as one. This is done with intense eye gazing, embracing, sensual touch and massage, kissing, gentle breathing exercises and Sacred "G"spot massage.

Healing Sexual Issues and Dysfunctions  -  2 hours

This session is recommend for Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed orgasm, non-orgasmic, virginity, intimacy issues, mastery of ejaculation control, abuse, rape, deformity, disability, reentry to dating, body image concerns, obesity and the inexperienced.

Bath Ritual  - Requires 24 hours notice

The actual act of bathing is one of surrendering our body from daily life and it allows one to be purified of all transgressions. From the moment a person enters the sacred healing waters of the bath, they let go into a deeper sense of trust and relaxation. To immerse into the healing waters of nurturing compassion, brings rejuvenation to your entire being.

Sacred Intimate Session  -  3 hours

Your Sacred Intimate Experience can begin with a Sacred Bath ritual, and/or a tantra massage. Flows into a tantric experience with specific tantric instruction.

Double Healer Session  -  $875.00
Additional $75.00 for appointments in your location in the metro area.


Recommend for those looking for sexual enrichment, newlyweds, couples experiencing persistent Intimacy Issues or in need of relationship recovery.

  • Basic Healing Session  -  2 hours / $550.00
  • Sexual Enrichment  -  2 hours / $550.00
  • Techniques for Sexual Enrichment  -  2.5 hours / $650.00
  • Private Intimacy Coaching  -  3 hours / $750.00
  • Each Additional half-hour  -  $175.00
  • Each Additional hour  -  $300.00
Body Work / Healing Touch

A brief, enjoyable and gentle release from the stress of the world. Here is you chance to be Totally selfish and in receiving! Surrender to a sensuous, nurturing, erotic, arousing and totally satisfying touch. This is not an interactive or instructive session.


  • 1/2 hour Tantra Massage  -  $140.00
  • 1 hour Tantra Massage  -  $200.00
  • 1 hour Four-Hand Massage  -  $400.00

  • Sexual Healing  -  $225.00 / hour
     Includes counseling for:
Relationship problems
Victims of rape and abuse
Intimacy issues
Self confidence
Travel to Your City
  Note: Due to the increased time required to get through the airports these days, travel fees have increased. There is now a 3 hour minumum appointment to come to you.
  Minimum 3 hour appointment  -  $1,000.00*
Each additional hour  -  $350.00
* Plus the costs of travel
Other Services

  • Counseling session  -  $120.00 / hour
  • Chakra Healing  -  $150.00 / hour
  • In-town overnight 8 - 10 hours  -  $1,800.00
  • In-town 24 hours overnight  -  $2,450.00
  • Out-of-town overnight 8 - 10 hours  -  $2,400.00
  • Out-of-town 24 hours overnight  -  $3,050.00



"Sex" is not limited to intercourse.
It is not even limited, in fact,
to genital only activities.
In reality, "sex" describes
a huge range of activities.
Many things can be sex
because sex has whatever
meaning we experience
moment by moment; and
sex has an infinite range
of meanings because the
scope of activities that
can properly be called
"sexual" is so vast...

"Sex only has meaning insofar as
we experience it. We discover
the meaning of sex each time
we have it, meaning that only
resides in our experience.
The meaning of sex changes
--is reinvented--each time
we have it."

Dr. Marty Klein, Ph.D.
from Sexual Intelligence