Contrary to what we would like to believe, being good at relationships or sexual intimacy does not come naturally. And there are few places to learn these skills. That is why Dr. Sandi, a Certified Sexual Surrogate, Therapist, and Tantra educator’s entire career has been aimed towards a single set of goals: Telling the truth about sexuality and the sexual experience, sharing knowledge and information about sex and helping people to feel sexually adequate and empowered.

  • TANTRA, Sacred Sexuality
  • Tantra Massage for Singles & Couples
  • Women, for Men only
  • Men, for Women only
  • Mastering Male Erection and Ejaculation
  • The Finesse of Dating & Mating
  • Reuniting Sexual Relationships
  • All Women are Wonderful!
  • The Female Orgasm for Women

TANTRA, Sacred Sexuality

Sex is the most sacred and powerful thing on the planet. Sex is where all creation happens. See how sex becomes magical, sacramental, transformative, healing, and spiritual. This workshop teaches skills, techniques and beliefs that will allow you to create loving union in life and relationships . Over the weekend, learn a path of sacred lovemaking and play that will enhance your life on all levels.

Tantric Massage for Singles & Couples

In this class, you will learn whole new ways of arousal and lovemaking through your hands and the anatomy of the Yoni (vulva) and Lingam (penis) and the male and female sacred spot (G-spot) massage.

Women, for Men only

Guys, learn the things you didn’t know about women! Learn the secret arts of seducing, arousing and the vital art of communication with women and how to take them to the edge of bliss and beyond, again and again! In this workshop you will learn simple techniques to create real intimacy and greater orgasms for you and your female partner. Men, be the lover of a woman’s lifetime.

Live nude models are used for this workshop.

Men, for Women only

Learn the things you didn’t know, you didn’t know! Learn the secret arts of seducing and arousing your man and how to take him to the edge of bliss and back again, delivering heaven to his physical body. But be prepared once you learn these secret arts, to have your man fall madly in love with you better than he did the first time! Ladies, I recommend that you come to this class, because look what’s in the men’s class.

Live nude models may be used for this workshop.

Mastering Male Erection and Ejaculation

Male sexuality is more than just a physical function. In this safe and comfortable group forum, you will learn to understand and maintain erection. You will learn to prolong and delay the male ejaculation. Your orgasms will be longer and stronger, and you will feel them from head to toes. You will learn to master your sexual response using current and ancient technique such as breathing, touch, postures, awareness, sexual aids and communication skills.

** Note: this class is not for men with erectile dysfunction.

The Finesse of Dating & Mating for Singles

Contrary to what we would like to believe, being good at relationships or sexual intimacy does not come naturally. And there are few places to learn these skills. During this class you will learn information on how and where to meet other singles and what to say and do once you meet them. You will learn basic instructions on the transition from dating to intimacy. All ages are welcome.

Reuniting Sexual Relationships

The purpose of this class is to rebuild your intimate relationship by learning new ways to communicate, reveal yourselves, accept one another, eliminate secondary agendas, and explore new ways to arouse your partner. This is a private session for you and your beloved.

All Women are Wonderful!

This class is only for really smart women -. those who are smart enough to know they have the power to change their lives, and who know the secret must be simple. And it is! Women are often concerned about what the outside world thinks about them. This causes self-consciousness, hang-ups, and inhibitions that lead to judgment of self. Women quickly judge themselves much more harshly than the world does. Learn how to release these beliefs and celebrate how unique and sexy you are.

The Female Orgasm for Women

Women are sexual beings. When you discover this knowledge for yourself it is the first step to claiming your power! Learn how women are designed, about female ejaculation and how to experience extended and multiple orgasms.

Live nude models may be used for this workshop.

All open minded people are welcome regardless of race, age, religion or sexual preference. Some classes may contain sexual explicit subject matter or live, nude models. Singles may attend all classes.

No sexual contact or disrobing are required in any classes

If you are under 18,  you must have parental permission.