DSC_1256Dr. Sandi is a nationally recognized, board-certified Naturopath, and a Certified Sexual Surrogate and Therapist. As well as a certified Tantric Educator, Dr. Sandi has participated in a 10-year training and private tutorials with several Tantric Masters. This training allows for an integration of Eastern and Western beliefs to expand current sexuality, thus creating breakthrough body-based therapies that help to release blocks and promote a healthy sexual conscience that enriches you and your relationships.

Using her expertise, Dr. Sandi addresses specific issues such as: low self-confidence, inexperience, erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation, sexual abuse, orgasmic difficulties, social issues, differences in sexual appetite, difficulties with relationships, and recovery from ended relationships. Others may wish to experience pleasure or sexual enrichment. Some people just need to be loved, nurtured and not judged.

Dr. Sandi sees men, women and couples in private practice.

People of all orientations and lifestyles are welcomed.

Whether in a private coaching session or a class, you will be empowered to activate high states of knowledge and mastery that nourish your entire being – body, mind and soul.

Dr. Sandi is a Certified Sexual Surrogate, therapist and Tantric educator. Her entire career has been aimed towards a single set of goals: telling the truth about sexuality and the sexual experience, sharing knowledge and information about sex, and helping people to feel sexually adequate and powerful.