Dr. Sandi Tantric educator in Atlanta, GA

Hello and welcome to my website, I’m delighted you stopped by to learn more about me and my services.  Interestingly, most people do not realize they are looking for me until they find me.

We often don’t realize something is off or missing until its brought to our attention.  We constantly delete things all day long, focusing on whatever it is we deem important. If you want to change your quality of life, one of the first things you need to do is to change what you’re focusing on – what you’re paying attention to.  This holds true for everything in your life, personally, professionally, physically, spiritually and so on.

People are always seeking answers to their unresolved relationship questions. What are the questions that brought you to me?

Is it regarding:


For Men

  • Erectile Dysfunction/ED
  • Premature Ejaculation/PE
  • Body Image: penis size or height, weight, hair, other physical concerns
  • Prostate cancer/radical prostectomy
  • Addictions: pornography, masturbation, sex, prostitution and fetishes
  • Standing in your masculinity
  • Understanding women

For Women

  • Non-orgasmic or delayed orgasm
  • Sexual identity, boundaries and expression
  • Sexual experimentation
  • Embracing your femininity
  • Understanding men
  • Self/Sexual Education

For Both

  • Intimacy and/or relationship issues
  • Sexual education (can be interactive)
  • Reconnecting love and passion in relationships
  • Reentering the dating world with finesse after death/divorce
  • Lack of experience or Late life virginity
  • Abuse: emotional, physical, mental and/or sexual
  • Self-Love, selfesteem, confidence and acceptance

I achieve life-changing results by working with you on multiple levels simultaneously – mental, spiritual, energetic, intuitive and, of course, physical. Traditional therapies focus on one level of healing at a time, creating a prolonged process, wasting valuable time and money. However, by using my proprietary, comprehensive, innovated technique, your healing is achieved by accelerating the process on all levels, giving you the rapid results you desire.   I would be delighted in sharing with you, the endless possibilities of a fully realized, self empowered love life!

One day as I was reading an article about sexual surrogates, I said to my husband that it was something I would be great at and would fully enjoy doing. So I took classes and trained to become one. My first surrogacy patient had several problems and sexual issues. As I worked with him, he explained that he never knew that you could receive actual hands-on help with sex through a sexual surrogate and that it was a shame that people could not refer themselves. Due to the fact that people with sexual issues rarely seek treatment, I set the intention to allow self-referrals. Within a short time my calendar was full. I found that there is a large part of healing that goes unaddressed, because traditional treatment options focus only on one level of the being, e.g. Physical or mental, leaving the spiritual, energetic, emotional and intuitive levels untreated.

As a society, we are confused about our sexuality. Beginning with the belief most people have: “How could something that feels so good be so bad?”, or how about… “How do I know if I am a good lover?”, “Where can I learn to do new techniques that will blow my lover’s mind?”, “How do I get my partner interested in having sex more often?” “I have taken the ‘little blue pill’ and it is not working. Now what do I do?” I can answer all these questions by dispelling false beliefs, teaching new tricks, discovering self love and much more, as well as educating you on love, sex, intimacy and relationships…all kinds of things you don’t know, you don’t know!

My gifts, talents and training work together to offer sacred sexual healing. I am with you 100%, offering unconditional love and acceptance. It is rare to have someone show up for you in this way, as everyone has their own personal agenda in a relationship, and I admit, I have mine. It is to love you on every level and to be open to receiving your love as well. I believe that continued sexual enrichment keeps you happy, healthy and opens you to the life you have always dreamed of.

If you wish to inquire, please email info@goddesshq.com or call 678-886-7887 from 11am-9pm* — 7 days a week.

If I do not answer, please leave a confidential voicemail. Yes, same day appointments are occasionally available. (It’s worth asking.)

*Please note, if I am in session I may not reply for up to 24 hours.

Men, women and couples of all orientations and lifestyles are welcome.